Weight Loss: 4 Easy Ways To Turn Calories Down

Weight loss could become a nightmare for persons who depend on exercise for the result they need.

Yes! Of a truth, exercise alone cannot make your weight loss desire come true.

But there are research-proven techniques that work for everyone.

Really, food is the number one thing to check when you want to begin a weight loss programme.

Sadly, several persons have claimed that they do not eat much, yet they are adding weight.

However, very little of that number knows that the quantity of food you eat often does not determine how much calories you get into your body.

Although hormonal imbalance, stress and other health conditions could make a person aid weight, calories intake is usually tops in the causes.

We are sure you know that people who exercise lose so much energy and they end up eating much to regain the energy.

This implies that you could lose 5 calories from workout and gain 8 from drinking just one sweetened bottle or can of drink.

This routine leaves anyone who does with a deficit of 3 calories to burn.

However, there is a way to carry on with a weight loss programme that works.

Applying these basic principles will help you overcome the nightmare you have had in your weight loss quest.

1.      Begin With A Realistic Goal

Jesus Christ once asked, “who among you that wants to build a house and does not count its cost”?

Interestingly, the same question is applicable to that person who wants to begin a weight loss programme.

Do not start with exercise, but with planning and putting pen to paper to write down few things.

a. What is your present weight?

b. What is your ideal Body Mass Index (BMI)? You need to be sure to be able to know the amount of weight to lose.

c.  How many Kilograms do you need to lose?

d.  Target a certain kilogram to lose per week or month?

e.  What food do you need to eliminate that bring in so much calories?

f.  What food are you replacing with?

g.  Adopt an exercise routine that will not weigh you down and make you lose interest

h.  Get A health coach and be accountable to the health coach

Once you are able to have this in on paper, you have crossed 50% of the task.

Write the vision, make it plain, and run with it. You may have to put these things on a vision board to ensure you keep to the plan.

2.      Begin Meal Adjustment Plan

Truly, there are meals that are calories-loaded and they should be the first to tick. Trans-fat food items are also the bad guys because they increase cholesterol in your body. The often reduce the rate at which your body absorb nutrient from food.

Reducing the intake of carbohydrate is one way to also begin to experience a drop in weight.

If you have not been reading the label of the items you buy, this is the time to begin.

There are vital information in these labels that you should take note of. Above all, it will help you know how much calories or carbohydrate an item has.

More so, There are different foods to begin to add to your meal that will help your system get rid of accumulated fat fast.

Avocado for weight loss
Avocado at prince Ebeano Supermarket

Now, you will need to empty your home of biscuits, bread spreads and other items that are high in unhealthy fat and sugars.

Actually, you need to replace these items with weight-loss-friendly foods that have healthy fat.

Some of them are: Avocado, leafy greens, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, lean beef and chicken breast, beans (red kidney beans) and apple cider vinegar among others.

Also, you can replace your sweeteners with honey and molasses.

Furthermore, your breakfast could also help your wight loss plan.

A study quoted in an article says eating breakfast slowly may also help in weight loss.

3.       Exercise

Humans are moving beings and that is how we are made. Sit with a small child for 30 minutes and you will understand how much movement we are supposed to make.

Taking away movement from our schedule reduces how active we get. It causes illnesses.

Fortunately, the World Health Organization (WHO) has helped to make exercising easier.

In an article, WHO recommends that adults aged 18–64 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week.

Alternatively, they can do at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or an equivalent combination of moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity.

Share the period and abide by it. Take a brisk walk for distances you could just do with a bike or auto rickshaw. It helps.

This should spur you into picking a schedule for your exercise or workout routine.

However, while exercise is necessary, you need will-power to be able to maintain a routine and acquire a persistent spirit.

Because you need accountability, the next strategy is necessary.

4.     Get A Health Coach

Health coaches are springing up every day and getting one will be a great addition.

Basically, a health coach will look at your meal plan, daily and weekly, and advise you on what to take out and what to add.

Providing accountability is another thing that is vital to your being able to achieve your set goal in the first strategy listed.

Therefore, find a health coach and pass the burden of checking meals to the health coach. Note that health coaches charge fees for the services rendered.

Really, on the shoulders of these four outlined strategies lie every other thing that you need to keep excess weight away.

Kindly share with your friends and loved ones to help them know the best strategy for weight loss.  


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