Pomegranate: Boosts Fertility, Memory And More

Pomegranate health benefits

Pomegranate is one of the fruits that offer everyone high nutritional value. It is available to man as food.

But not many persons know about this fruit and how beneficial it is to us all.

Some even think it is apple when they see it.

Fortunately, pomegranate fruits are available to Nigerians at Prince Ebeano Supermarket’s shops in Lagos and Abuja.

The fruit is also referred to as Punica granatum L. It has been in use as traditional medicine remedy for hundreds of years.

Its plant could tolerate drought and that is why it is popularly grown in arid and semiarid zones.

Pomegranate is widely cultivated in Iran, India, and the Mediterranean countries.

Some of the countries that grow this fruit are Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain and Morocco.

A Great Addition To Diet

According to a 2014 study, “about 18% of its dried and cleaned white seeds are oil.

“The oil is rich in punicic acid (65%), which is a triple conjugated 18-carbon fatty acid.”

Recently, cases of infertility have increased and it has been attributed to lifestyle.

For people who want to boost libido, pomegranate seeds are great addition to diet.

This is because the seeds have some phytoestrogen compounds that have sex steroid hormones.

More so, juice extract from pomegranate is a good source of fructose, sucrose, and glucose.

The fruit also contains some of the simple organic acids. Ascorbic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, and malic acid are some of them.

Pomegranate also contains small amounts of all amino acids, specifically proline, methionine, and valine.

Interestingly, its juice and peel are rich in polyphenols. It has tannins and flavonoids its largest classes.

These components indicate pharmacological potential of pomegranate. They have strange antioxidative and preservative activities.

Due to these components in pomegranate, its health benefits are huge.

We will list just few of them that should make you begin to appreciate this fruit.

It is natures blessing to man.

1.      Prevents Or Treat Heart Diseases

High blood pressure has been identified as one of the causes of heart-related diseases.

People who have this issue could add pomegranate to their diet.

Highlighting why pomegranate is good, the 2014 study pointed out that it is rich in polyphenols. It also has high antioxidative potential.

Also, its antiatherogenic, antihypertensive, and anti-inflammatory effects have been shown in limited studies in human and murine models.

According to the research, pomegranate juice prevents the activity of serum angiotensin-converting enzyme. It also reduces systolic blood pressure.

2.     Effective In Treatment Of Arthritis

The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis.

It is a major progressive degenerative joint disease, It could affect joint functions and quality of life in patients.

Arthritis is mediated by proinflammatory cytokines such as Interleukin 1 and Tumor necrosis factor-a. 

But the study says pomegranate extract, which is a rich source of polyphenols, can inhibit the Interleukin 1 (IL-1) and other factors responsible for the condition.

This fruit is also effective against Rheumatoid Arthritis.

As highlighted in the study, the severity of arthritis, joint inflammation, and IL-6 level were significantly reduced in pomegranate extract-fed mice.

3.       Can Address High Cholesterol

High-cholesterol is also one of the reasons high blood pressure occur. It involves the blockage of the arteries by fat particles.

Citing a research, the study said pomegranate juice administration in mice for 14 weeks showed reduced LDL oxidation by peritoneal macrophages by more than 90%. It explained that this was because of reduced cellular lipid peroxidation and superoxide release.

4.       Addresses Oxidative Stress,

Pomegranate juice is anti-inflammatory.

Its high concentration of antioxidants helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

Furthermore, it prevents oxidative stress and damage. oxidative stress has been identified as one of the factors that affect fertility.

5.       Could Treat Malaria

Because we live in Africa, we cannot rule out chances that our loved ones or family members could come down with malaria.

However, pomegranate added to diet could help prevent malaria.

The research says in the presence of pomegranate fruit rind, induced parasites were decreased.

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According to the research, the reduction could attributed to the antiparasitic activity and the inhibition of the proinflammatory mechanisms responsible in the onset of cerebral malaria.

6.      Anti-virus

Pomegranate also has potency against virus.

Studies have shown that the anti-HIV-1 microbicide of pomegranate juice blocks virus binding from one stage to another.

This further prevents infection by primary virus clades A to G and group O.

7.       Improves Fertility And Libido

One of the main constituents of the methanolic pomegranate seed extract is beta-sitosterol. This extract is a fertility and libido booster.

People who are looking to conceive could add pomegranate to their diet.

Studies have also emphasised that pomegranate juice consumption could increase epididymal sperm concentration.

It can increase motility, spermatogenic cell density, diameter of seminiferous tubules and germinal cell layer thickness.

8.      Prostate Cancer

The research also highlighted that pomegranate fruit could be used in the treatment of human prostate cancer.

It is potent against cancer because it could inhibit cell growth and induce apoptosis.

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Interestingly, its potency against cancer is not just about prostate. It can also address other forms of cancer.

“Fermented pomegranate juice has double the antiproliferative effect compared to fresh pomegranate juice in human breast cancer cell lines.”

It is also effective against colon cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer.

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