9 Health Benefits Of Red Rice

health benefits of red rice

Red rice, oryza punctata, is a kind of unpolished rice. It has higher nutritional value compared to white rice which is commonly consumed in Nigeria.

It is gradually increasing in popularity, as more and more articles are being published about it.

nutritional value of red rice

Red rice is full of nutrients and this is why we shelf them in our Village Markets in our outlets in Lagos and Abuja.

The health benefits of red rice are as a result of these nutrients it contains.

1.   Rich in Fibre

Red rice is unhulled or partially hulled rice. This means that the nutritional value (germ) of the rice is intact with its red husk. This gives it the oxblood colour.

Because it is unhulled, its fibre is still high compared to the other kinds of rice.

This makes it great for digestion and the release of sugar to the blood.

It also has low glycemic index and that also makes it even better than white rice.

2   High In Antioxidants That Fight Free Radicals

Some of the components of red rice are iron or manganese and zinc. Both of them are antioxidants in the rice that help fight free radicals that may have found their way into your body.

Antioxidants help safeguard the body and they are formed once the Manganese produces energy in your body.

On the other hand, Zinc is a mineral that can help accelerate wound healing and maintenance of body defence mechanism.

It helps to detoxify your body and this is why you should add it to your diet.

3   Contains Vitamin B6

Interestingly, just a serving of red rice provides your body with 23% of vitamin B6. This is the quantity required for the functioning of the organ.

Vitamin B6 is needed in your body to help balance the development of serotonin and red blood cells. It also helps in the creation of DNA cells.

4    Red Rice Can Lower Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol level has been linked with increase risk of heart diseases.

But red rice helps lower the level of bad cholesterol in your body.

One component of the rice that helps in this regard is monacolin K.

Because of how effective this component is, it is sometimes recommended in the US that persons who have liver disease or are pregnant should not eat it.

Also, persons younger than 18 are advised not to eat it.

5    Helps Prevent Heart Disease

Furthermore, red rice can help reduce the risk of heart diseases and this is because of its low cholesterol level.

Really, higher amounts of low-density lipoprotein or LDL in the blood cause plaque build-up in the walls of the arteries.

This particularly narrows the size of the arteries and could block the coronary artery, causing a heart attack.

A 2009 study explained the link between high LDL and heart diseases and how this rice helps reduce cholesterol level.

6   Red Rice Can Lower Blood Glucose

Unlike white rice, red rice has low glycemic index and this helps reduce the amount of glucose it pumps to your blood after consumption.

Research has shown that uncontrolled blood glucose levels in diabetics can ruin the eyes, kidneys and also the coronary heart.

But controlling blood sugar levels reduces these dangers.

Another study showed that the supplement containing this rice was able to reduce blood glucose level in persons that are diabetic.

7    Weight Loss Meal/Lowers Risk Of Obesity

For persons that are trying to lose weight, red rice is a good food to add to diet.

It helps decrease the desire to eat because it contains lots of fibre which makes you feel full.

This grain is completely fat-free and we know that eating food with high fat increases the chances of becoming obese.

8   Helps In Fighting Asthma

Food rich in magnesium is said to help manage normal breathing pattern.

You may also find our article on Brown Rice: 7 Health Benefits You Should Know helpful

People who are asthmatic could find this food beneficial. However, there is the need for the individual to consult a physician before deciding to add it to meal.

9   Good For Your Bone Health

Because red rice contains magnesium, it helps make your bone stronger and healthy.  This is good for persons that are aging.

Note that magnesium deficiency can result in osteoporosis and low bone density later in life.

Consuming red rice can help relieve joint pains.

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