9 Health Benefits Of Lemon Fruit

Health benefits of lemon fruits

Lemon fruit (Citrus limon) is one of the fruits you will find in our ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ section and we do because of its many health benefits.

While the yellow-skin lemon, is more attractive, there is another one often considered local and often rougher in the skin.

However, they are all lemon and have the same health benefits.

Also, lemon fruit is one of the most widely consumed fruits and it is either used directly or in soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and cooking.

Lemons are rich in citric acid, vitamin C, and polyphenols, which confer various health benefits to anyone who eats them.

These are some of the components that make it offer several health benefits to those who consume it.

Here are some of the health benefits of this citrus.

1.   Alleviation Of Fatigue

A 2014 study highlighted that the vitamin C component of lemon could alleviate fatigue.

There are other anti-oxidants – lemon polyphenol (LPP) in the fruit and this is a yellow and water-soluble antioxidant that is abundant in lemon juice and peel.

Also, this has very great impact in detoxifying you. You cannot be exposed to pollution in different forms – smoke, dust, waste toxins – without detoxifying your body of these free radicals.

2.   Boosts Immune System

Furthermore, vitamin C is an immune builder. Taking lemon fruit will help your immune system stay strong to be able to withstand any ailment or disease.

3.  Great For Heart Health

Taking this lemon fruit provides your body with 51% of your reference daily intake of vitamin C.

A 2016 study also highlighted that there is a relationship between intake of vitamin C in its natural state and heart health.

Excerpt from the study read: “Overall, current research suggests that vitamin C deficiency is associated with a higher risk of mortality from CVD and that vitamin C may slightly improve endothelial function and lipid profiles in some groups, especially those with low plasma vitamin C levels”.

4.   Contains Water-soluble Anti-oxidant

Because of the presence of eriocitrin, the main lemon polyphenol (LPP), lemon can detoxify your body of free radicals.

5.   Lemon Fruit Could Help In Weight Control

Interestingly, this fruit is often considered a great weight-loss food.

This is the function of the soluble pectin fiber in lemon.

Studies show that this fibre expounds in your stomach, making you feel fuller, reducing the desire to eat more.

6.   Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

The antioxidant – citric acid – in lemon helps your body prevent kidney stones from forming.

7.   Lemon Fruit Protests Against Anemia

Sadly lack of iron in the body could lead to anemia, but lemon can help lower this risk. It is rich in iron.

8.   Reduces Risk Of Cancer

The antioxidants in lemon helps lower risk of different cancers. It inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

9.   Improves Gut Health And Digestion

Your gut is one part of your system that is directly linked with the brain and often it is referred to the second brain in human body.

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Lemon fibre helps increase digestion in your system, cleaning the gut of every antibody and this increases absorption of nutrients from foods.

Adding lemon to our diet is one good decision to take.

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